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Monday, July 13



INC-M1a: PANEL SESSION: The ‘MacBride Report’ at 35: Present and Future of Global Communication Technology and Governance DS-R340 POL-M1a: Exploring the role of new media in politics DS-M340 AUD-M1a: Film Reception R-R150 COA-M1a: African and Arab World Cartoons DS-3375 COC-M1a: Searching for ‘the big picture’: Frameworks and theoretical considerations for community alternative, and citizens’ communication R-R160 CPT-M1a: Internet Governance Post-Snowden DS-M460 CRI-M1a: News values and news coverage DS-1540 DID-M1a: New Angles of Digital Divide DS-M220 DIM-M1a: Asia and its diasporas DS-2508 ESN-M1a: Media Policy DS-1420 ESR-M1a: Hegemony, Environment and Society DS-M440 ETH-M1a: Ethical perspective on digital communication I DS-1525 GEC-M1a: Representations of Beauty DS-R520 GEC-M1b : Politics of Newsproduction DS-R525 HCC-M1a: Risk Perception and Behaviour A-2875 HIS-M1a: Radio Broadcasting: Historical Perspectives DS-2518 IAM-M1a: Islam and Muslims between the Coverage of New and Traditional Media DS-R515 INC-M1b: PANEL SESSION: Rethinking Global Media Theory through Regionalization A-2830 JRE-M1a: PANEL SESSION: JRE/ UNESCO Safety of Journalists DS-M320 JRE-M1b: PANEL SESSION: Meeting The Ethical Challenges of Long Form R-M110 JRE-M1c: PANEL SESSION: The Emergent Norms & Practices of Social Media Verification - Theme III: The Professional Journalism R-M120 LAW-M1a: The State of the Law: Network Neutrality DS-M445 MER-M1a: Skilling for media literacy DS-M280 MES-M1a: Mediated Fan Interaction, Communication and Engagement DS-M260 MPA-M1a: Journalism Practice DS-M240 MPS-M1a: Social Media Credibility DS-M425 PCR-M1a: Participatory communication for social justice DS-M540 PMP-M1a: Cross-country views on current public service media values and practices DS-1545 POC-M1a: Images and Commodities DS-M465 POE-M1a: New Agendas in the Political Economy of Communication R-R140 POE-M1b: Evolving Political Economies of News A-2835 PSP-M1a: Media Systems in Transition I
 DS-1520 RCC-M1a: The Media & Religious Dialogue DS-2585 VIC-M1a: Political Communication and Visual Media DS-4375 COMIC ART WORKING GROUP - Extra Activity: Beyond Charlie: Freedom of Speech, Resistance and Responsibility DS-1719





DID-M2a: Digital Divide Section Business Meeting DS-M220 GEC-M2a: Feminist Social Media and Artist Responses to Violence against Women DS-R520 GEC-M2b: Interrogating Film DS-R525 HIS-M2a: Media History: American Perspectives DS-2518 INC-M2b: Broadcasting between the national and the global A-2830 POL-M2a: The Digital Public Sphere as an Ambigious New Power: Twitter during the EU Elections 2014 DS-M340 AUD-M2a: Media Audiences: Theoretical Reflections R-R150 AUD-M2b: PANEL SESSION: Pratiques spectatorielles des jeunes à l’heure du divertissement connecté: Un engouement amplifié pour les fictions sérielles A-2875 COA-M2a: Latin America Cartoons and Comics DS-3375 COC-M2a: Protest movements and media 1: Broad considerations R-R160 COC-M2b: Cultural minorities and third-sector media DS-M560 CPT-M2a:Digital Intermediary Innovation DS-M460 CRI-M2a: Media influences and media effects: propaganda, mediatisation and image making DS-1540 DIM-M2a: South Asian diasporas DS-2508 ESN-M2a: Global Perspectives on Journalism Practices DS-1420 ESR-M2a: Science Journalism and Communication DS-M440 ETH-M2a: Ethical perspective on digital communication II DS-1525 IAM-M2a
: Digital Media and Framing of Islam DS-R515 INC-M2a: PANEL SESSION: Reconfiguring Global Media Hegemony and the Rise of the BRICS Nations DS-R340 JRE-M2a: JRE/ UNESCO - Working conditions in Different Countries Affecting Safety - Theme III: The Professional Journalism: DS-M320 JRE-M2b: Journalism Under Siege From Threats, Violence & Killings - Theme III: The Professional Journalism R-M110 JRE-M2c: Journalism Education & The Unresolved Issues - Theme V: Generic Studies of Journalism R-M120 LAW-M2a: Law, Policy, and Political Communication DS-M445 MES-M2a: Media, Sport and Identities DS-M260 MPA-M2a: PANEL SESSION: Advancing Media Production DS-M240 MPS-M2a: PANEL SESSION: Methodologies for studying the double helix of social media and mainstream media DS-M425 PCR-M2a: PANEL & DISCUSSION: Open to IAMCR Members:Towards a new Rural Communication Working Group? DS-M540 PMP-M2a: How are Public Service Media Fairing Beyond Europe?
 DS-1545 POC-M2a
: What Makes Danish Drama Travel
 DS-M465 POE-M2a: PANEL SESSION: Global Media Giants R-R140 POE-M2b: Poverty, Inequality & Resistance A-2835 PSP-M2a: Media Systems in Transition II
 DS-1520 RCC-M2a: Faith on the Web DS-2585 VIC-M2a: Cinema and Visual Culture I
 DS-4375 Special Session 1: GAMAG DS-R510



LAW-M3a: Developments in Intellectual Property Rights DS-M445 POL-M3a: New Approaches to Research Media and Politics Interactions DS-M340 AUD-M3a: Audiences representation and identity R-R150 AUD-M3b: PANEL SESSION: Social Remediation of the Public and Private: everyday practice of digital media and transformation of techno-affective scene A-2875 COA-M3a: Freedom to Cartoon, Radicalism, Resistance, Responsibility and Charlie Hebdo DS-3375 COC-M3a: Social media, communities and communication R-R160 COC-M3b: Community media, development and contestation DS-M560 CPT-M3a: Data and Democracy DS-M460 CRI-M3a: Representations of crisis: the visible and the invisible DS-1540 DID-M3a: The Use of New Technologies in the Context of Digital Divide DS-M220 DIM-M3a: Diasporas in Europe 1 DS-2508 ESN-M3a: Global Media Discourses DS-1420 ESR-M3a: Environmental Journalism and News DS-M440 ETH-M3a: Ethics in public life I: health and sciences DS-1525 GEC-M3a: Responses to Violence Against Women DS-R520 GEC-M3b: Media and Sexualities DS-R525 HIS-M3a: Anti-Authoritarianism and the Media DS-2518 IAM-M3a: Western Media Role in the Clash of Misconceptions DS-R515 INC-M3a: PANEL SESSION: Media in Democratization Conflicts: Dousing the Fires or Fanning the Flames? DS-R340 INC-M3b: PANEL SESSION: New Media and the Reconfiguration of Power in Emerging Economies: Dialogue between China and Brazil A-2830 JRE-M3a: JRE/ UNESCO - War & Conflict vs. Journalism & Safety - Theme III: The Professional Journalism DS-M320 JRE-M3b: Old Stereotyping, New Immigrants & Vulnerable Minorities - Theme III: The Professional Journalism R-M110 JRE-M3c: PANEL SESSION: Innovations in Journalism - Theme II: Innovations in Journalism R-M120 MER-M2a: Media Education Policies in Evolution: Shaping the Agenda DS-M280 MER-M3a: PANEL SESSION: Intersections of digital media, policy, and citizenship in media education scholarship and pedagogical practice DS-M280 MES-M3a: Sport Media, Football and the FIFA World Cup DS-M260 MPA-M3a: European Media Production DS-M240 MPS-M3a: Social media Advantages and Disadvantages - Does the Medium Matter? DS-M425 PCR-M3a: Participatory communication for sustainability in rural, agricultural and urban contexts DS-M540 PMP-M3a: PANEL SESSION: Globalization, International Development, and the Public Service Media Debates DS-1545 POC-M3a: Mediated Logics and Identity DS-M465 POE-M3a: PANEL SESSION: Climate Change and the Media R-R140 POE-M3b: New Media and New Publics A-2835 PSP-M3a
: Mediatization of Politics and Social Movements DS-1520 RCC-M3a
: Religious & Secular Identity DS-2585 VIC-M3a
: Cinema and Visual Culture II
 DS-4375 Special Session 2: CCA - ACC DS-R510